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magazine from UK. Color Print.

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《The Dark Side》是一本英國雙月刊,專注於令人毛骨悚然的恐怖電影,回顧最新的恐怖片,採訪行業中的新進或巨人。

恐怖片是電影文化中的重要一環。從西方到東方的恐怖片,現代或哥特,所有偉大的恐怖片都值得我們欣賞,而《The Dark Side》為讀者列出迄今為止從未見過的一面。

對於那些熱愛被嚇怕或享受草率的血的慶典,《The Dark Side》是釋放我們內在的絕佳刊物。本刊物包括大量的影評以及與導演,演員和其他人物的獨家訪問,使我們重溫最初的恐懼,《The Dark Side》沒有什麼讓人失望的。

我們對恐怖片有真正的熱情,不僅着眼於新媒體和未來媒體,我們更熱愛“復古”恐怖片。任何熱愛恐怖電影文化的讀者都將可以從《The Dark Side》找到自己的黑影。

He’s the world’s greatest bodybuilder and we celebrate the considerable achievements of Baron Frankenstein as portrayed by Peter Cushing in this fabulous issue. Petrifying Peter also appears in The Vampire Lovers, which turns 50 this year and still looks very good for its age as you will discover in our somewhat salacious retrospective. Other ghoulish goodies awaiting your include interviews with Scott Reiniger from Dawn of the Dead and top Italian screenwriter Ernesto Gastaldi, plus the Anthropophagous Beast himself, actor George Eastman. All that plus a whole lot more makes this another classic edition of the world’s favourite horror mag!