We Believe everyone

can make film.

Films Gather Us

We intend to establish Hong Kong’s first film art promotion online media to provide Hong Kong public with more technical support for film production by collecting film review articles and films from around the world. Including photography, lighting, coloring and editing in post-production, etc., . Sharing the experiences of excellent filmmakers from all over the world, hoping to increase the enthusiasm of young people in Hong Kong to make films.

 At present, the main focus is to find high-quality film distributors to become our partners, with advertising as the main source of income. We are also edit and translate more movie film essay videos. 

23.97 Frame (https://www.facebook.com/AlmostToMovie/), now is active in Chinese-speaking community as a platform open for film buffs to discuss films, especially the film language and filming techniques. We publish our own film reviews, share film news and reviews written by others, organize film screenings and give away tickets. Since there is a hunger among Chinese communities for video essays about film, we also translate foreign language video essays and put on Chinese subtitles to share with Chinese followers.

Our fans (51000 in total up to Sep 2020) are located mainly in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but we also see some growing fans in Malaysia, Singapore and even out of Asia. The website with the same name is also running, listing the reviews and videos we have published so far.

"We Are Almost to the 24 Frames"